The Coney Poster Project (CPP)

The Coney Poster Project (The CPP) - a review of original posters created by local artists supporting independent, local music events in Dane County.  One poster is selected by a peer jury every three months to receive a $300.00 award sponsored by Dane Arts. CPP is an opportunity to join with Dane Arts and support the growing pool of artists in our community. We look forward to showcasing creative individuals with a jury whose sense of critique is a valuable addition to this local project!  Quarter 1: Jan/Feb/Mar DEADLINE 3/25 Quarter 2: Apr/May/June DEADLINE 6/25  Quarter 3: July/Aug/Sept DEADLINE 9/25  Quarter 4: Oct/Nov/ Dec DEADLINE 12/25

Submission Criteria

  • Submit a print or digital copy of your poster BEFORE the dealine to
  • Poster must promote three things: a show, a band/musician/DJ, and a venue - ALL THREE are in Dane County
  • Event must occur during the three month submission period
  • Award recipient for ROUND ONE announced April 1st